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Metisolve Consultants International Limited

Steven Birchall MD, at Metisolve Consultants International is a company committed to providing professional and specialist consultancy within the transport security sector of aviation and international rail.

With nearly 30 years of extensive and diverse experience of providing dynamic and effective leadership for operations for the service delivery products, including; security, customer services, risk management, business continuity, cost management, asset management and short/medium/long term business planning.

The proprietor has a proven record for delivering exceptional standards for safety & security compliance targets, meeting operational requirements in accordance with the EU directives, CAA, UK Department for Transport & Border Controls.

Do not be afraid of change and challenge – Metisolve will catch you if you fall or be there when you fly

Steven Birchall is known for building excellent professional relationships with key stakeholders, UK government, the Home Office, CAA, operational teams and individuals.

Metisolve can support your business, with dynamic problem solving solutions, to ensure change, developments and improvements are based on your needs, requirements and vision for the future.

We work cohesively, delivering solutions to maximise potential opportunities and growth within your business, proving beneficial to all stakeholders and customers.

Who We Are

Steven Birchall

Steven is a loyal hard working and committed individual, with extensive experience in the transport security sector. He will strive to ensure the support and guidance given, and knowledge shared, is bespoke to your business and your current needs. Steven is adept at delivering holistic success, through a supportive, motivational and evaluative approach built on resilience, and a desire to be a part of achieving success, for all parties concerned.

  • Over 20 years experience in the transport security sector of aviation and international rail
  • Has held the post of Head of Security, at Birmingham Airport and Eurostar and has held other senior leading positions at Luton Airport, and British Airways
  • Skilled in creating a dynamic team ethos of improved employee engagement, through being fair, consistent, versatile & motivational
  • Track record of delivering significant business change in airport, airline and rail environment
  • Diplomatic, enthusiastic, resilient & the ability to communicate progressively with all levels of staff
  • Positive negotiation & man-management skills with key stakeholders and regulatory bodies
  • Approachable, reflective and non-judgemental, effective listening & communication skills
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Certified as an Aviation Security Manager
  • SC Cleared
  • Aviation Risk Management
  • IRCA International Quality Auditor
  • BSC Managing Staff Safely

What We Do

At Metisolve, Steven undertakes a range of consultancy services, to support your business for example: Financial and workforce efficiencies, business change, business growth, restructures, succession planning, policy and strategic support, threat and risk assessments, etc. Steven works with businesses large and small, local, national and international.  He will work with key post holders to ensure the approaches and strategies used to gain success are bespoke and that current and future business needs are fully understood, visions shared and success remains the focus of the project.

Metisolve welcomes diversity from single to multi-target projects.

Metisolve Consultants International Ltd can provide a wide range of security solutions including:

  • Airport security performance measurement solutions
  • Support, guidance or leadership in major security business change including; relocation, growth and reduction
  • Management of the delivery for airport security operations
  • Security operations planning
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Organisation design and lean structures
  • Project management
  • Business continuity planning
  • Successful change management leadership
  • Designing strategic policies and procedures

Examples – Successes

  • Introduced resource profiling and labour models reducing annual staff costs significantly
  • Successfully planned, managed and delivered the relocation of Eurostar security operations to St. Pancras International
  • Successfully delivered a new security central search area at London Luton Airport
  • Delivering a number of VIP high priority events & media including the opening of St. Pancras International by the Queen
  • Being accountable and responsible for coordination of VIP’s security when travelling
  • Delivery and remodelling departmental structure and teams reducing annual staff costs
  • Introduction of legislative regulations ensuring the business operates effectively whilst delivering outstanding compliance
  • Introduction of key performance measures raising security standards
  • Significantly reducing policing costs through cohesive negotiation based on risk
  • Delivered a group approach to threat and risk assessment across 3 countries (UK/France/Belgium)
  • Planned and delivered the Risk Advisory Group
  • Designing and implementation of effective security protocols
  • Leading negotiations on employee engagement in highly unionised environments




Steven Birchall Managing Director
Metisolve Consultants International Ltd

Tel +44 1746 716969
Mobile +44 7435 782302
Address 130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD

Registered in England and Wales
Company Number 9767111
VAT Number 226 5066 18


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